Robinson Malls – Thailand
Project Overview
Robinson Department Store offers a full range of merchandise that anchors on fashion, home and lifestyle with over 30 outlets across Thailand. The initial implementation was at Robinson Mall Sukhumvit, which was established in 2011. The chiller optimisation was installed in 2013 with the objective to achieve a comfortable and controlled environment for the customers and retailers apart from achieving a lower energy consumption and electricity savings.

After the success of Sukhumvit, Robinson Mall Saraburi, their fifth flagship Lifestyle Centre was installed. Both Robinson’s Saraburi & Sukhumvit Malls have the system in place today averaging 22% and 17% in savings respectively.

Outcomes Of Implementation
  • Less chiller wear and tear improving asset life.
  • Reduced electricity consumption leading to higher savings in their operational cost.
  • Lowering carbon footprint as part of their customer social responsibility (CSR).
  • Achieve Robinson’s goal of their commitment to sustainability and saving environment from pollutants.
  • Installation at all Malls will significantly impact total CO2 equivalent emission reduction.

“We were satisfied with the results and have given second store in Saraburi. KAB Technologies delivered an average saving energy of 17% across 2 of our shopping malls over 3 years. However with the recent system updates we are now achieving higher savings of approximately 22%”


Division Manager: Energy Management, M&E Centre, Robinson Public Company Limited

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